Kozhemyako Syndrome

Kozhemyako Syndrome

According to the correspondent of The Moscow Post in Primorsky Krai, the family of the billionaire governor of Primorsky Krai Oleg Kozhemyako on a grand scale played the wedding of his son in sunny Yalta. The celebration was celebrated away from socially dysfunctional Primorye and preferred the Crimean resort to wet rains.

At the hotel Mriya Resort & Spa, champagne poured with his hand, Oleg Kozhemyako personally led the bride to the altar to the hits of pop stars.

Trade Primorye to the Crimean harbor

At the wedding, guests were entertained by Polina Gagarina, Sergey Zhukov and other stars.

By the age of 33, Nikita Kozhemyako managed to succeed in business, pleasing his father with millions of profits and being the head, founder or co-owner of twenty-one companies

It is known that the Kozhemyako family is a monopolist in the fish market. In this large-scale project, the family is made up of the former governor of Primorye Sergey Darkin, and the notorious entrepreneur-politician, the head of the regional United Russia Sergey Slepchenko.

Currently, Nikita Kozhemyako is the general director of Vympel LLC, and was previously president of the Aquaculture Association. Vympel, according to 2020 data, demonstrates the growth, purchase and sale of its own real estate brings Kozhemyako Jr. a good profit.

Kozhemyako SyndromeMeanwhile, in the coastal region itself there is a decrease in income.

Ratings go down

In 2020, budget revenues amounted to 174 billion rubles, including for tax and non-tax revenues — 120.3 billion rubles, which is almost six billion less compared to the previous year, the Official Website of the Government of Primorsky Krai reports.

Thus, under the management of Kozhemyako, Primorsky Krai turned into an endowment — the federal center allocated 4.7 billion rubles to the region.

The low economic performance of Primorye is accompanied by domestic political scandals in Primorye.

Analysts of the communications group Minchenko Consulting in August published the next report of the State Council 2.0, in which Kozhemyako was blamed for «optional acute conflicts.» Among the reasons called both the situation with the retired mayor of Vladivostok Oleg Gumenyuk, and the scandal in the primaries in the State Duma and the Legislative Assembly of the region.

Acute domestic political conflicts, corruption scandals in the government, millions of dollars of the wife and son Oleg Kozhemyako cannot leave the population of the region indifferent. But Kozhemyako is nothing, it is known that he even tried to lobby for the construction of a yacht port in Vladivostok, a wholesale and retail center and a fish market and a functional complex were planned to be located at the bridge across the Golden Horn Bay.

Extraordinary abilities for business were manifested at the time of the politician’s wife. Wife Kozhemyako — Irina Gerasimenko — in the Forbes ranking of the 25 richest women in Russia 2019 «took 24th place with a fortune of $180 million. It was noted that at that time she had a 32.5% share of the seafood producer — the Tymlat fish processing plant.

Earlier, the enterprise was under the control of the Governor of the Sakhalin Region Oleg Kozhemyako and his family. A year later, PBTF OJSC was sold to the Hydrostroy fishing holding. PJSC PBTF changed ownership in July 2018. Ostrov Sakhalin CJSC (part of Gidrostroy Group of Companies) from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk acquired 96.38% of the company’s share capital.

According to PrimaMedia, among the sellers of shares was the son of the governor of Primorye Nikita Kozhemyako, who used to be the deputy general director of PBTF. The structure of PBTF changed with the change of ownership: LLC Zaliv was allocated from it, of which Kozhemyako Jr. became the 100% owner.

Nikita Olegovich

The son learned to benefit from his father. Nikita Kozhemyako also successfully earns money in the fish business: in 2018, Nikita became the owner of the fishing company LLC Gulf after it was separated from PJSC Preobrazhenskaya Trawl Fleet Base.

Kozhemyako SyndromeOleg and Nikita Kozhemyako

Nikita also invested in NK Lotus LLC on the territory of the advance development of Mikhailovsky Kozhemyako Jr. signed an agreement with the regional administration on the construction of a greenhouse complex worth 3 billion rubles. The agreement was signed during the Eastern Economic Forum in Primorye — which suggests that such a large financial enterprise could not be achieved without the assistance of the father — the governor.

Among the many assets of Nikita Kozhemyako, the above mentioned LLC Tymlatsky Fish Processing Plant, registered in Kamchatka, stands out.

According to Rusprofail, the company is operating at a loss.

Kozhemyako SyndromeThe founders, in addition to Nikita himself, are his aunt and mother, the shares of all the founders are under encumbrance.

Kozhemyako SyndromeThe fish processing plant has 100% shares in two companies in Kamchatka — Bushfrit LLC — was engaged in the processing and preservation of fish, crustaceans and mollusks, and was liquidated in March 2021. The second company, T.K. Logistics LLC, is engaged in road freight transport.

According to Rusprofail, financial indicators indicate that the owners of the company can hide real income.

Kozhemyako SyndromeIn another region, in the Amur Region, Nikita acquired the bankrupt agricultural enterprise Amur Agro Holding LLC — it operates under the Vegalon trademark. Recall that Oleg Kozhemyako instructed this region. From 2008 to 2015, he was governor of the Amur Region.

According to SPARK-Interfax, the record that Kozhemyako Jr. owns 100% of the company’s shares was included in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities on July 30. The authorized capital of the agricultural holding is 514.9 million rubles.

Nikita Kozhemyako’s company has already managed to conclude 1 state contract in the amount of 1.9 million rubles. with LLC Transneft — Far East.

Epic «hero»

It is difficult to say on what ideals the governor’s son was brought up. Most likely, Oleg Kozhemyako himself became an idol on his life’s path, and it is unlikely that Nikita was named after the legendary hero, the hero of the Slavic epic epic and folk tales of Nikita Kozhemyak. It is symbolic that the father of the family himself at his distilleries produced the Nikita Kozhemyako vodka known in the Far East.

Outside the Far East, Nikita Kozhemyako a year ago established Vorsino Ice LLC in the Kaluga Region. Its main activity is warehousing and storage. Authorized capital — 10 thousand rubles. The share of Kozhemyako is 70%, the director of the same company, Alexander Evdokimov, is 30%.

According to Regnum, it is in the Borovsky district of the Kaluga region that a major project is being implemented to create a multimodal logistics center. It is sold on the territory of the Vorsino industrial park. In this business, Nikita Olegovich counts on state support and tax benefits. For 2020, according to Rusprofail, the company did not engage in any activity. Revenue, profit and expense show zeros. There is one staff member.

It has assets of Nikita Kozhemyako and in the Rostov region. According to Regnum, he owns 92% in the SpetsATP motor transport enterprise, 51% in Don Aquafish LLC from the Rostov Region. Co-owners — Roman Nikor and Yakov Litvinenko, presumably Yakov — is the son of the co-owner of Tymlatsky Fish Processing Plant LLC Alexander Litvinenko. The figure of Nicor and his connection with the family of the governor also attracts attention.

Nikora is the ex-chairman of the council of the municipality — the urban settlement «Ossora» in the Kamchatka Territory and the head of LLC «TD» Dary Kamchatka, «which belongs to Yakov Litvinenko.

In 2020, in the reports of the Rostov media, Nikora appeared in a scandalous way, as a defendant in a criminal case. According to Man and the Law, a criminal case was instituted against the director of LLC «TD» Dary Kamchatka «- a large producer and realizer of fish products. Roman Nikor is suspected of producing and selling products that do not meet safety requirements, as well as illegal mining and trafficking of wild sturgeon listed in the Red Book. On December 17, 2019, he was suspected immediately under two articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation — 238 «Sales of products that do not meet safety requirements» and 258 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation «Turnover of bioresources listed in the Red Book.»

In addition to the assets already listed, Kozhemyako owns 70% in the fish processing LLC Rybholkam, with which not much is co-owned — the head of the Kamchatka Automobile Sports Federation Yevgeny Barabanov.

In 2020, Barabanov appeared in the media as the future head of the sports and tourism complex in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, the basis of which will be motorcycle sports.

The investment project is implemented by Moto Park Kamchatka LLC, a resident of the free port of Vladivostok, in which Barabanov owns 80% of the stake.

We add that Nikita Kozhemyako is the only owner of LLC Family Recreation Complex Petrova Bay, LLC Family Recreation Complex Singing Sands in the Lazovsky District, which operate recreation parks and beaches.

But even that is not a complete list of the possessions of Nikita Kozhemyako. Together with the administration of the Aleutian district of Kamchatka and OJSC Ozernovsky Fish Cannery No. 55, Nikita Kozhemyako owns the Aleutian Fish Processing Plant company.

Kozhemyako’s myriad wealth multiplies as the region’s incomes decline.

Against this background, you can understand the voyage of the family to the Crimea, while it is likely that Kozhemyako could initially plan wedding festivities outside the country, but decided not to provoke social tension in Primorye. The former head of the Preobrazhenskaya Trawl Fleet Base, becoming one of the most influential businessmen in Primorye, Oleg Kozhemyako, is probably not going to leave politics voluntarily. But it is not entirely clear what explains his «inviolability» on the part of the center and law enforcement agencies, and what lies in the irreplaceability of the «governor of the» fisherman. «


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